Bottles of Essential Oil

This therapy based on a set of 38 flower essences created and developed over sixty years ago by the English physician Edward Bach. These essences serve as a simple form of preventive health care that help promote physical and mental balance. Bach Flower Therapy helps us to deal more constructively with the negative behavior patterns of human nature such as jealousy, impatience, inability to say no, timidity, and inappropriate guilt ----- patterns that are seen by Bach as well as many others, as a deeper cause of physical illness. Above all, it is useful in those who go through an emotional conflict: stress, fear, uncertainty, insecurity and guilt.

By better understanding and correcting the "mental errors" underlying our negative behavior patterns, we can reconnect with our own true nature. With the help of Bach Flowers we regain access to our spiritual healing forces, which strengthen our immune system and support our overall health. 

The treatment of Bach Flowers is based on the use of flowers with certain healing properties, which are individually prepared and administered in the form of drops. The therapy consist in an interview that the Bach practitioner use to determinate the best selection of flowers to prepare a personalize remedy. 


Healing will pass from the domain of physical methods of treating the physical body to that of spiritual and mental healing, which by bringing about harmony between the Soul and mind will eradicate the very basic cause of disease and then allow such physical means to be used as may be necessary to complete the cure of the body. 

Edward Bach